Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994


An intensive 10-week language & culture studies fellowship held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for U.S. university students and recent graduates.


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Language Training

Improve your Bahasa Indonesia proficiency in a classroom setting.

Field Trips

A series of field trips to celebrate cultural and historical sites as well as local organizations in Yogyakarta and Jakarta

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in the unique culture of Indonesia


Volunteer at institutions or organizations according to your personal interests and goals

Host Families

Foster meaningful bonds with your Indonesian host families

Special Lectures

Engage in discussions of various topics, such as politics, history, culture, religion, and economics.

Jakarta Post-Program

Engage with Indonesian government officials, NGOs, business leaders and experience its city tour



“The program met and went beyond most of my expectations! The components that most met my expectations and exceeded them were the language courses, field trips, tutoring, host family experience and post-program event in Jakarta. The only part that didn’t quite meet expectations was the volunteer opportunity.”

– Mia Cordes, 2019  Summer Studies Participant


“Thank you for this opportunity — this experience has allowed me to expand intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.”

– Lai Wo, 2019  Summer Studies Participant


The program was very good as displaying another culture, it was for the most part engaging and interesting. My favorite part was the relationships that I have made with my tutor and host family. I’m going to really miss them.”

– Ashley Morrow, 2019  Summer Studies Participant