Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994


Facilitative Meetings

As part of its mission to enhance people-to-people connections between the U.S. and Indonesia, as well as expand mutual understanding in a variety of fields, USINDO has played a key role in facilitating meetings for Americans and Indonesians who are concerned with developing their understanding about both countries. USINDO Jakarta assists individuals, organizations, and companies from the United States who have a vested interest in becoming more familiar with Indonesia’s political and sociocultural landscape and connecting with relevant stakeholders in a variety of fields.


USINDO Washington D.C. also facilitates similar learning opportunities for individuals, organizations, and companies from Indonesia who are interested in connecting with relevant stakeholders and counterparts in the United States. These meetings have been held relating to a wide variety of issue areas, including foreign affairs, energy/natural resources, education, identity politics, gender issues, and security.