Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994


Facilitative Meetings

As part of its mission to enhance people-to-people connections between the U.S. and Indonesia, as well as expand mutual understanding in a variety of fields, USINDO has played a key role in facilitating meetings for Americans and Indonesians who are concerned with developing their understanding about both countries. USINDO Jakarta assists individuals, organizations, and companies from the United States who have a vested interest in becoming more familiar with Indonesia’s political and sociocultural landscape and connecting with relevant stakeholders in a variety of fields. USINDO Washington D.C. also facilitates similar learning opportunities for individuals, organizations, and companies from Indonesia who are interested in connecting with relevant stakeholders and counterparts in the United States. These meetings have been held relating to a wide variety of issue areas, including foreign affairs, energy/natural resources, education, identity politics, gender issues, and security.


Collaborating with National Public Radio (NPR) Host, Ari Shapiro, in creating NPR’s itinerary for their upcoming visit to Indonesia from September 24 – October 8, 2017.

NPR is doing a series of radio programs on Indonesia that will be broadcast on NPR US, greatly helping USINDO’s mission of communicating Indonesia to the U.S. public. In this venture, USINDO has shared a wide array of possible contacts, provided suggestions, and arranged meetings with key figures; this includes connecting NPR with the US Embassy Public Affairs Office in Jakarta and the US Ambassador to Indonesia, Ambassador Donovan. Issues of note include Indonesia’s democracy, it being the largest Muslim-majority country, its size and importance, its economy, its religious diversity and tolerance as well as its inter-religious issues and how these issues relate to Indonesia’s democracy.


Assisting the Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) Global Policy Program (GPP) final capstone project.  

The Global Policy Program (GPP) is a master’s degree program designed for mid-career professionals working in international affairs. From November 13-17, 2017, two dozen SAIS GPP graduate students will travel to Indonesia as part of their final capstone project. In the context of this capstone project, the students will form partnerships with five Indonesia-based organizations and conduct research projects on subjects determined in consultation with their local partners. While these students are not experts on Indonesia, they are mid-career professionals, and during the time of this residency, will be at the end of their 16-month master’s degree program. This project provides in-country partners with the opportunity to research a policy question that they may not otherwise have the capacity to study.