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Video of Open Forum on Understanding Indonesian Terrorism: Current Trends, Causes, Policy Implications

Although there have not been any major terrorist attacks in Indonesia in recent years, the threat of terrorism continues to loom in Indonesian society today. The Indonesian government has since…

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Video of Special Open Forum on “New Frontiers in Indonesian Development”, with Governor Ridwan Kamil

Home to 60% of Indonesia’s manufacturing activity, West Java is increasingly moving towards the process of transitioning towards high-tech industries including renewable energy, chemicals, electric vehicles (EVs), food processing and…

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Video of Special Open Forum on Indonesia’s New Capital City: Opportunities and Challenges

As one of the world’s largest and most congested cities, Jakarta’s vulnerability to rising sea levels and other climate change impacts led to the development of a new plan to…

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Video of USINDO-IFPRI Open Forum : What Can the G-20 Meeting Do for the Recovery of Global Food Security?

In view of the looming possibility of a crisis in global food security, a top agenda item for the November G-20 meeting, USINDO held a Special Policy Open Forum September…

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