Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

Graduate School Application Preparation (GRASP)

USINDO's Graduate School Application Preparation (GRASP) aims to provide Indonesian students the guidance and preparation programs they need to apply for and complete their academic experience at U.S. institutions and is supported by USAID and Arizona State University under the USAID Higher Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI).

USINDO Collaboration with USAID HEPI

USINDO GRASP (Graduate Application School Preparation) is a program supported by the USAID Higher Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI). Its primary goal is to increase the number of Indonesian students studying at US universities by providing them with the resources and guidance that they need to connect with US universities and strengthen their applications to these highly regarded institutions.

USINDO GRASP achieves this goal by:

  • Offering Critical Thinking Courses: These courses are designed to enhance the critical thinking skills of Indonesian university students and young professionals with five intensive 90-minute sessions for successfully completing their U.S. Graduate School application. Further information:

Furthermore, to encourage the sustainability of the course beyond the HEPI project timeframe, USINDO is also currently developing a course for university lecturers called LEAD (Leaders in Education Advancement and Digital Literacy). This course will equip educators with the skills and strategies necessary for success in today's evolving educational landscape, including Problem-Based Learning techniques which encourage critical thinking and digital literacy skills development and help prepare students for their future careers.

  • Strengthening U.S.-Indonesian Higher Education Partnerships: USINDO GRASP strengthens U.S.-Indonesia Higher Education Institution (HEI) connections via Interactive Zoom Sessions, promoting direct interaction between Indonesian students and U.S. universities. This effort aims to increase the number of Indonesian students enrolling in U.S. universities, thereby strengthening the bonds between the two nations' educational systems.

Further information:

USINDO GRASP plays a vital role in equipping Indonesian students with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue academic opportunities in the United States, while simultaneously building stronger educational partnerships between the two countries.