Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994


Aims to improve capacity of DPR parliamentary expert staffs in substantive fields, exchange ideas and knowledge, and to deepen United States and Indonesia legislative-to-legislative contacts.

Program Overview

The program consists of one week of concentrated exposure to the U.S. Congressional practices for professional staff and committee management, comprehensive policy research, and multi-stakeholder engagement in various areas of interests between U.S. and Indonesia. There is also a possibility for selected participants from the group to stay on for an additional two-weeks program of legislative internship on Capitol Hill as a “USINDO Fellow”. The program also includes practical work assignments or project to translate the knowledge they received during the week into a capacity building exercise.

The program focuses on:

  1. Enhancing parliamentary staffs’ professional capacity in the core areas of the legislative process, including works of the committee, use of congressional research, holding of hearings, and preparation of legislation;
  2. The practice of considering the appropriate input of affected sectors, so as to hear public comment and be in a position to make laws that do what is intended and are implementable
  3. Increasing the exposure of Indonesia parliamentary staffs to U.S. Congress staffs and U.S. experts in this year’s key topics of finance, banking, national development, and trade and industry.
  4. The interaction between the Indonesian parliament and U.S. Congress will be an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience developing a network of Indonesian parliamentary staff members who have expertise on U.S. – Indonesia relations and collaboration on future issues.

For more insights about the program and the outlook of the first and second USINDO Legislative Partnership Program, it is featured in the last section of this page.