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USINDO LEAD (Leaders in Education Advancement and Digital Literacy)

USINDO LEAD - Leaders in Education Advancement and Digital Literacy is an eight-session course designed to improve the critical thinking and digital literacy skills of Indonesian university lecturers as well as present possibilities for incorporation of problem-based and project-based learning into their courses.  Through the live or self-accessed 90-minute sessions, the course covers a range of interactive and collaborative tools for teaching CT / DL through Problem/Project-based Learning (PBL) in the university classroom by providing direct experiences throughout the workshop sessions, emulating teaching methods used in US university classes. The course also stimulates further exploration and practical application of CTS, DLS, and PBL. 

Below you will find links to various digital tools that will be used in the LEAD course. Please download them, make free accounts for yourself (if you don't have them yet) and familiarize yourself with them prior to the LEAD sessions 

Program Overview

Session 1 (live via Zoom)


Introduction to CT/DL/PBL 

In this live session, participants will delve into Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, and Problem-Solving/Project-based Learning, understand the benefits of student-centered learning, as well as the professor's role as a facilitator. The session will demonstrate engaging, interactive elements like shout-outs, group discussions, and a Q&A race. The course project will be introduced.

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Shifting to Student-Centered Learning

Through prepared resources for self-access, participants will discover lifelong learning concepts, sharpen their critical thinking, and embrace student-led learning approaches. Activities include video viewing and interacting, quizzes, and contributions to shared Google docs for practical application.

ALL RESOURCES & ACTIVITIES SELF-ACCESSED ONLINE (link accessible to registered participants)


Session 3 (live via Zoom)

PRE-SESSION READING TASK Ways of thinking in STEM-based problem solving

Managing Student-Centered Learning

In this live session, participants will explore classroom management and options for redesign, align assessment practices with objectives, and discover various feedback strategies. Activities include engaging in Q&A with slide annotation, collaborative learning, and breakout room discussions.

Critical Thinking & AI

Choosing Learning Tools

Through prepared resources for self-access, participants will review a variety of learning tools, assess online resources, and delve into EdTech ethics. Activities involve lateral reading, flashcards, and contributions to a shared Google spreadsheet for EdTech tools.

ALL RESOURCES & ACTIVITIES SELF-ACCESSED ONLINE (link accessible to registered participants)


Session 5 (live via Zoom)

Collaborative Learning in Dream Teams

In this live session, participants will reflect on effective collaboration and apply CT/DL/PS skills in a collaboration on redesigning their own course session. Engaging in group discussions, pair work, and practical application of AI-powered tools will provide a simulation of a student-led learning environment.


Session 6 (live via Zoom)

From Objective to Assessment

In this live session, participants will review improving their own course structure, incorporating practice of collaboration skills for future jobs, and introducing assessment strategies for the digital era. They share best practices, form small professional learning communities for further support, and begin preparation for the completion of the Course Project.

COURSE PROJECT preparation, application, reflection and presentation of outcomes scheduled for December - January (each participant’s application date will be different.) Presentations need to be ready for Session 7 LIVE in early February 2024.


Session 7 (live via Zoom) 

Sharing Learning Experiences

In this session, participants will share their experiences of applying new strategies in their lessons/sessions as part of the Course Project, discuss success stories, challenges, and evaluate set objectives and outcomes. Interactions include shout-out sessions, chat contributions, presentations, and small group breakout room evaluations.


Session 8 (live via Zoom

Reflection and Evaluation 

This session encourages reflection on applying new strategies in lessons/sessions overall. Participants will reflect on their knowledge of CT/DL/PBL and their ability to apply them in academic settings. They will also explore how to apply these skills to emerging technologies and theories and develop action plans for continued growth in their teaching practices. Activities encompass small group discussions, reflective writing, and a large group discussion. Below you will find the tech tools used in the course - please download them and familiarize yourselves with them prior to the sessions.