Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

Graduate School Application Preparation (GRASP)

USINDO's Graduate School Application Preparation (GRASP) aims to provide Indonesian students the guidance and preparation programs they need to apply for and complete their academic experience at U.S. institutions and is supported by USAID and Arizona State University under the USAID Higher Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI).


U.S. Graduate School Series

USINDO’s Interactive Zoom Sessions (IZS) aim to increase the number of Indonesian students, especially those who have already been awarded an LPDP scholarship or are in the process of applying for an LPDP scholarship, studying at LPDP-qualified U.S. institutions and to raise awareness of LPDP scholarships among eligible U.S. universities. USINDO does so by hosting Interactive Zoom Sessions with officials from LPDP-eligible U.S. institutions and existing LPDP awardees or alumni as part of the "U.S. Graduate School Series".