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Graduate School Application Preparation (GRASP)

USINDO's Graduate School Application Preparation (GRASP) aims to provide Indonesian students the guidance and preparation programs they need to apply for and complete their academic experience at U.S. institutions and is supported by USAID and Arizona State University under the USAID Higher Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI).


LEAD (Leaders in Education Advancement and Digital Literacy)

USINDO LEAD program is an 8-session course designed for Indonesian university lecturers, aiming to empower them in advancing education and digital literacy through a dynamic learning approach with emphasize on Problem-Based Learning (PBL).

The LEAD program offers a comprehensive approach to education with a focus on enhancing critical thinking skills and advanced digital literacy competencies. It introduces innovative pedagogical tools for interactive and collaborative teaching, utilizing Problem-Based Learning (PBL) to nurture real-world problem-solving abilities, and exposes participants to hands-on teaching methods from top U.S. universities.

This program's ultimate goal is to kindle a passion for innovative education, enabling educators to equip their students for success and drive the future of learning. For more details on the USINDO LEAD, please view the course information

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