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GRASP Mini Intensive Course - Undergraduate Level

USINDO's Graduate School Application Preparation (GRASP) aims to provide Indonesian students the guidance and preparation programs they need to apply for and complete their academic experience at U.S. institutions and is supported by USAID and Arizona State University under the USAID Higher Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI).

Session 3

OBJECTIVE: to familiarize you with mindset for learning and feedback strategies

WATCH: In this short introduction to Session 3, you will hear about Session 3 activities. You will also learn how to maintain a positive mindset for learning to achieve success in your studies and your life.


OBJECTIVES: to refresh knowledge of argument, persuasion and debate; to practice pertinent vocabulary in context.

READ & LEARN: A page of differences. Read the information on this PDF (you can download it) how to discern the differences between argument & persuasion and also deductive & inductive arguments. And find out what a DEBATE really is. 😉

Take this QUIZ to internalize the key terminology you'll need for the course.

NOTICE: Contribution #11 for Participation & Engagement evaluation


OBJECTIVE: to practice application of CT skills.

READ & ENGAGE: Distinguishing argumentation from persuasion — read this mini-lesson.

PRACTICE! DECIDE! Read two paragraphs in this Google FORMand decide which one is which and why.

NOTICE: Contribution #12 for Participation & Engagement evaluation

OBJECTIVE: to practice application of CT skills.

READ & ENGAGE: Developing an opinion statement — read this mini-lesson.

WATCH: In this video, you will listen to the example of how different qualifying words convey different messages, who might use them, where, and why.

TIP: Use this video as an example for the Flip video assignment

Flip Session 3

OBJECTIVE: to practice application of CT skills.

ENGAGE: Record a 1-2 minute video on developing an opinion statement -- click on the FLIP code below to see the instructions! Upload your video and respond to THREE other videos with a 15 second agreement, disagreement, or another comment.

JOIN CODE: ugrasp2flip

Find the Assignment Link Here

TIP: Use some of these expressions in your responses.

NOTICE: Contribution #13 for Participation & Engagement evaluation


move your body - don't sit immobile for long stretches of time!

OBJECTIVE: to familiarize with the hook-to-home strategy

WATCH & ENGAGE: What is the hook-to-home strategy? Pause and think of the answers to 6 questions while you watch this short video.

TIP: The video is an Edpuzzle, so you need to sign in to THIS CLASS in order for the answers to be recorded and collected. If you're not familiar with EdPuzzle - click HERE to read more about it.

NOTICE: Contribution #14 for Participation & Engagement evaluation


OBJECTIVE: to familiarize with the 7C's strategy .

READ: Read the INFOGRAPHIC on the 7C's strategy.

OBJECTIVE: to apply the H-2-H or the 7C's strategy to own prompt

ENGAGE: Record yourself in a short (MAX 3 minutes!) video and demonstrate your understanding of the 7 blocks of building effective arguments or the 7 C's by applying them to the topic of your own personal essay for university admission or your field of study. If you already have an essay prompt, practice on this one, and if not yet, you can pick any essay prompt off the internet for this exercise. You can use the 7C's or the Hook-to-Home strategy.

Submit your video HERE See assessment rubric HERE.

DUE DATE: Wednesday, September 27 at 23:59 PM WIB

NOTICE: ASSIGNMENT #1 for Participation & Engagement evaluation.

TIP: Please observe what you do and how you do it to complete this assignment. You can even take notes. In Session 4 you will be asked to reflect on your procedures and choices.

OBJECTIVES: to provide some insight for applying 21st century skills, and to familiarize you with the next sessions.

WATCH: In this closing video, you will hear the wrap up message from Mrs. Beata on perseverance to lead a successfully planned life. You will also hear some information about preparing for the next live Sessions 4, 5 and 6.

OBJECTIVE: to provide basis for discussion in Session 4 break out rooms.

EXTENSION FOR SESSION 4: READ & ENGAGE: Reading and Note-taking Task:

1/ Read the text Evaluating Different Types of Evidence (10 minute read) and take notes on the lateral reading strategies mentioned in the text. Bring your notes to Session 4.

2/ Practice fallacy terminology with these QUIZLET flashcards (2 sets of 7 terms) SET 1 SET 2 then play the fun match game for set 1 and match game for set 2