Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

USINDO’s Joint Symposium on 70 Years of U.S.-Indonesia Relations on July 9



Dear USINDO Members and Friends,

I am pleased to provide a video of USINDO’s joint symposium with the Hudson Institute and the Embassy of Indonesia on July 9: U.S.-Indonesia Relations at 70: History, Policy, and the Future.

In the morning session, historians from both countries discussed the pre-1949 and 1949 – Reformasi history of the bilateral relationship which provides the shared experience underlying the relationship between the two countries today.

During lunch, there were remarks from Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Randall Schriver and Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Southeast Asia, Mark Clark.

In the last session, expert panelists engaged in a Round Table discussion to consider realistic ways to enhance the Strategic Partnership and the possible trajectory of the relationship.

The event was highly successful in giving our audience a better understanding of U.S.-Indonesia history, including the emergence of the Strategic Partnership, as a foundation on which to build concrete future activities.

Please enjoy viewing the video here. We provide an index below so you can select sections of interest to you. Please be advised the program starts at minute 10:30.



David Merrill




Timestamps of video (denotes the time by minutes on the tape):

Minute 10:30 – Welcoming remarks by President and CEO of Hudson Institute Kenneth Weinstein

17:00 – Opening remarks by Ambassador Mahendra Siregar

27:30 – Morning session introduction by President of USINDO

Ambassador David Merrill

34:00 – Dr. Robert McMahon on the U.S. and Indonesia roles in

securing the independence of Indonesia from the Dutch, 1945-1949

01:22:30 – Dr. Baskara Wardaya on history of the U.S.-Indonesia Relations during Soekarno period

01:59:30 – Dr. Karl Jackson on U.S.-Indonesia progress during the

New Order

02:09:00 – Dr. Ann Marie Murphy on U.S.-Indonesia relations during the Reformasi period, and through the present U.S.-Indonesia Strategic Partnership

02:50:00 – Afternoon session introduction by Hudson Chair of Asia-Pacific Security Dr. Patrick Cronin

02:52:15 – Remarks by Assistant Secretary of Defense Randall G. Schriver and Q&A

03:09:30 – Remarks by Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

Mark Clark

03:29:45 – Round table discussion on future U.S.-Indonesia relations. Panelists include Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy, Ambassador Mahendra Siregar, Lori Abele, Ambassador Robert Blake, Jennifer Schuch-Page, Ambassador David Merrill