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Reviews of Why Terrorists Quit: The Disengagement of Indonesian Jihadists by Dr. Julie Chernov Hwang

Editorial Reviews

“Julie Chernov Hwang has given us an intelligent, sensitive, nuanced, and persuasive analysis of the process through which Indonesian jihadis are disengaging from violence. Why Terrorists Quit will help shape U.S., Indonesian, and other governments’ policies toward disengagement and reintegration of terrorists into society.”

R. William Liddle

“Chernov Hwang has produced a superb analysis that should be required reading for anyone interested in countering violent extremism. Highly readable and full of insights from interviews with former terrorists, the book is a model of good research with clear policy applications.”

Sidney Jones

“In contrast with studies of terrorism based on group-level inferences, Hwang’s study derives from interviews with 55 Indonesians who quit. Their stories offer telling insights into the motivations that foster and sustain terrorism.”