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Climate Change and Indonesia: A Developing Country's View

The American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with USINDO, the Indonesian Embassy, and the US-ASEAN Business Council are pleased to invite you to an interactive dialog on Indonesia’s approach to climate change, sustainability, and the environment  on December 10, 2010 featuring Indonesia’s leading spokesman on this issue fresh from his participation in the Cancun Global Climate Change Summit: Mr. Agus Purnomo, Special Adviser to President Yudhoyono and Head of the Indonesian government’s National Climate Change Council.  Mr. Purnomo will be introduced by Indonesia’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Dino Patti Djalal.

Indonesia maintains one of the last large natural forests in the world and has made a strong environmental commitment that some believe exceeds global standards. However, Indonesia’s management of its forest and carbon emissions, is often criticized by environmental organizations.

This event should appeal to companies who import forest products, paper products, investors interested in REDD (reduced emissions deforestation and forest degradation), mining firms, publishers as well as non government organizations who track developments in this field.

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