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Summer Coursework

Fellows will attend intensive graduate English coursework and,  if required, Economics and quantitative tutorials or coursework  in Washington, D.C. in the summer preceding matriculation, through SAIS Summer Programs.  This Program is generally held in June and July prior to matriculation.  It is the responsibility of Fellows to apply to the SAIS Summer Program “English as a Second Language and International Issues” before the deadline.

Although Fellows are guaranteed admission to the SAIS Summer Program, the application procedure is the same as that for other applicants. Applications and a 10% deposit are generally due at the end of April with full payment due by mid-May.  Applications require official test results, official transcripts, and a one-page personal statement. The application fee may be waived. If a Fellow also applied to SAIS for graduate school, the SAIS Summer Program may be able to use the submitted graduate school application in lieu of a Summer Programs application. Program coordinators will contact accepted Fellows to confirm dates for the Summer Program.  Fellows must arrive in Washington, DC prior to the start of class.  Fellows are encouraged to contact the SAIS Coordinator if they have any questions.

Fellows, with the help of their Ministry, are responsible for applying for all visas and identifying accommodations in Washington, DC as well as at the university where they will pursue their studies. It is the responsibility of the student to purchase their airfare to the United States and to arrive in time to start summer classes at SAIS.  The Program can facilitate identification of housing but is not responsible for its provision.  Past fellows have stayed at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, DC for the duration of their summer studies.

Orientation packet: Students will receive an orientation packet before they depart for the United States.