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USINDO-US Embassy Jakarta Open Forum: The Role of the US in Securing Indonesian Independence 1945-1949: History, Legacy, and Lessons

USINDO, in partnership with US Embassy Jakarta, and in the spirit of celebrating 70th anniversary of United States – Indonesia Relations, held special open forum on “The Role of the US in Securing Indonesian Independence 1945 – 1949: History, Legacy, and Lessons” with Professor Robert J. McMahon.

The event, hosted at @america, was very successful – inviting a crowd of the private sector, students, and academics for deeply detailed and insightful talk into the role that the US played in the years following Indonesia’s declaration of Independence.

In addition to the history US and Indonesia’s shared history, Prof. McMahon also explored the relationship that the US had with the Netherlands after the Second World War. The dynamics between these our two countries from 1945-1949 sheds light on the bond that the United States and Indonesia share, and provides important lessons for navigating our relations today.

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