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Summer Studies 2019

Over the years, Summer Studies has been our core educational program providing young Americans with in-country language and cultural experience in Indonesia. The comprehensive 10-week program, conducted in Yogyakarta and Jakarta, includes intensive Bahasa Indonesia language class, volunteering, cultural workshops, special lectures, and field trips. The experience provides American students with a deeper understanding of Bahasa Indonesia, cultural sensitivity and sociopolitical awareness.

As it enters its 25th year of implementation, USINDO is proud to have over 241 alumni of the Summer Studies program.

This year, USINDO hosted 14 American students from various universities in the United States for the Summer Studies Program. Participants ranged from undergraduate to PhD students, between the age of 19 to 29. The program ran for approximately 2 months from May 23rd to August 1st.

Language Training

Our Summer Studies Program is meant for students looking for immersive exposure and training on Bahasa Indonesia. Students attended 120 hours Bahasa Indonesia Class, 32 hour tutorial and 10 hours cultural class over the period of 10 weeks, covering Indonesian essential grammar, vocabulary, interactive speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises.

Cultural Workshops

In order to give students exposure to the rich cultural aspects of Indonesia, we handpick five different cultural workshops. This year, our students learned to make batik through traditional textile dyeing techniques, Indonesia traditional dances, cooked Indonesian authentic cuisine, learned traditional Javanese intrument gamelan, and Indonesian martial arts.


Students got the chance to interact with locals in a professional setting by volunteering in a variety of local organizations ranging from notable retails businesses, local NGOs to think-thanks.
"I think this is a major selling point for the whole USINDO program and separates it from other study abroad programs."
- Mia Cordes, Summer Studies ‘19

Field Trips

Field Trips gave students the opportunities to learn and experience firsthand Yogyakarta's unique culture, history, tradition, and natural wonders. The destinations for this year's field trips include the Merapi Lava Tour, Borobudur Temple, Keraton Palaca, Bukit Rhema and many more.
"The field trips were fun, exciting, and gave us exposure to parts of the surrounding Jogja region."
-Jack Stover, Summer Studies '19

Special Lectures

Through special lectures, students engaged in interactive discussions with experts on various issues of common interest such as inclusivity of disable people; innovations in health care system in Indonesia; disaster management and risk reduction in Indonesia; and digital media and sustainable tourism.

Post-Pogram Event

The Post-Program Event in Jakarta, held from July 29-31, 2019, was designed to broaden the students' perspective, knowledge and exposure to contemporary issues facing Indonesia, while also giving them the opportunity to network with government officials, business leaders, academics, NGOs and private sector.

For this year's Summer Studies Post-Program, the students had the chance to meet and discuss various issues on Indonesia with Amb. Joseph R. Donovan, U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia; Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu, Former Minister of Trade, Former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, and CSIS Board of Trustee; Dr. Douglas Ramage, Managing Director of Bower Group Asia; Ms. Livia Iskandar, Vice Chairman, Witness and Victim Protection Agency/LPSK; Ms. Tunggal Pawestri, Consultant of Sexual Rights and Diversity Program at Hivos Indonesia; Ms. Delima Saragih, Program Manager, The International Republican Institute; and Ir. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), former Governor of Jakarta. At the end of the trip, they also visited various historical sites in Jakarta such as the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral, Sunda Kelapa Harbour, Old Town and National Monument.


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