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USINDO Jakarta Open Forum: "The Outlook of U.S. Overseas Business in the Asia-Pacific in President Obama's Second Term"

Mr. Steve Okun Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce

Mr. Andrew White Managing Director of AmCham Indonesia

Mr. John Riady Chairman of the United States-Indonesia Bilateral Committee, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KIKAS-KADIN), Advisor of USINDO

In his first term, President Obama intensified the administration’s focus on the Asia-Pacific, including its business relations, and advanced its economic interests in regional and global forums such as the G-20 and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). The realization has grown that government and business sectors in both the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific need each other, as increased overseas business growth helps recovery from recent economic crisis and fosters sustainable economic growth.

After the start of President Obama’s second term January 21, we expect to learn whether any shifts of emphasis are envisioned for U.S. policy on overseas business, especially with the Asia-Pacific.  Changes in President Obama’s economic and business overseas team, reportedly expected after the election, would also be an important factor

Although there is still much to be known about the policy direction the U.S. will take, it is not too early to discuss the outlook for U.S. overseas business in the Asia-Pacific, promote shared understanding of the issues and decisions being faced, and perhaps provide our civil society perspective from Americans overseas and from Indonesians.

For example, what are the types of changes that might be under consideration, and how would they affect the future of business relations between the United States and countries in Asia-Pacific, especially Indonesia?  What are the key opportunities and challenges that the United States and the Asia-Pacific should anticipate and explore in order to achieve mutually more beneficial and stable business relations? What can Indonesia and the United States specifically do to address these possible challenges?

USINDO was pleased to have three leading experts on United States – Asia-Pacific business relations to discuss the outlook for business policy overseas under President Obama’s second term, implications for the future of business relations between the United States and the Asia-Pacific, and the role of Indonesia and the United States in exploring key opportunities and anticipating the challenges.

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