Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

USINDO Jakarta Open Forum: "Expanding and Strengthening the United States – Indonesia Security Partnership: The Maritime Cooperation"

Capt. Adrian Jansen

Naval Attaché at U.S. Embassy Jakarta Captain of U.S. Navy, Department of Defense

Capt. Judijanto

Head of War Game Centre, Indonesian Naval Command and Staff College (Seskoal)

  Astride three of the world’s key straits for global trading and shipping (Malacca, Sunda, and Lombok), Indonesia has an essential role in maintaining maritime security in the Asia-Pacific and sustaining global trading and shipping.  Owing to Indonesia’s strategic role, the United States and Indonesia have for decades cooperated on maritime security and strengthening Indonesia’s maritime defense capacity.  Such cooperation also forms part of the U.S. policy of engagement in the Asia-Pacific region. Based on the principles of mutual respect, benefit, and trust, Indonesia and the United States cooperate in the following areas: security dialogue, education and training, humanitarian disaster relief, maritime safety, maritime environment security, and other mutually agreed areas to further strengthen their commitment and partnership in maritime cooperation. With bilateral maritime cooperation well under way, it is useful to understand and discuss it. How has this cooperation progressed over the years and strengthened the security partnership between the United States and Indonesia, now part of the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership?  What positive impact has this cooperation brought for Indonesia and the United States? What will be the challenges that both countries may have to overcome in the future? What key opportunities do the two countries need to explore to yield more positive impact from this cooperation? As a follow-up to our previous fruitful discussion, Expanding and Strengthening the United States – Indonesia Security Partnership: Military Education Component last year, USINDO was pleased to present two navy officials to discuss the progress of the United States – Indonesia Maritime Cooperation and identify its challenges and opportunities.

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