Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

Update on the State of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI)

Colonel Haseman is well known to USINDO’s friends and supporters for the depth of his knowledge on the Indonesian armed forces.  He has just returned from two weeks in Jakarta, Indonesia and Dili, East Timor, where he had a chance to speak at length with senior government officials, retired senior military officers, as well as U.S. Embassy staff in Jakarta and Dili.

In his latest talk in a series of USINDO round table discussions on the state of the Indonesian armed forces and the US-Indonesia military relationship, Colonel Haseman will cover his impression of current policy issues and trends in the armed forces and the US-Indonesia military relationship, including the current status of the US re-engagement with TNI and the controversial Indonesian Army Special Forces Command (Kopassus) after more than a decade of estrangement over human rights abuses.

He also spent three days as guest of the U.S. Ambassador to East Timor – his 15th trip there – and will briefly cover the US military program with that country.

USINDO invites you to join this informative discussion to learn more about the evolution of this controversial and important corps, as well as the US-Indonesia security relationship.