Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

The U.S. – Indonesian Security Relationship

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Scher will discuss U.S. the evolving U.S. foreign policy towards Indonesia with regards to security and defense. The discussion is the second in a policy briefing series prepared by USINDO in advance of President Obama’s visit to Indonesia in late March 2010.

The United States and Indonesia are about to embark on a landmark comprehensive partnership, the first in the 60-year history of the United States-Indonesian relations. First proposed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at USINDO in Washington in November 2008, the idea was accepted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in February 2009 when she committed the U.S. government to pursue a partnership with Indonesia with a concrete agenda. It is anticipated that the partnership will be launched when the two Presidents meet in Jakarta in March, 2010.

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About the Policy Briefing Series:

The 2010 USINDO Policy Briefing Series invites distinguished speakers and high-level government officials to build public understanding on the importance of Indonesia and role of the 2010 U.S. – Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership. The series will address key issues in U.S. – Indonesian relations, including foreign policy, security, energy, the environment, and climate change, and economic growth.