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The Transformation of Indonesia's Legislature: Increased Role, Remaining Challenges

Moving from what many saw as a “rubber stamp” during much of Indonesia’s authoritarian past, Indonesia’s legislature (DPR) in Indonesia’s democracy era has transformed itself and emerged as a functional legislative branch of the state. Following the 1999-2002 amendments, the constitution now stipulates that the power of legislation is no longer in the hand of the President but in the hand of DPR. Since then, the bills deliberated and passed by DPR increased dramatically. A president who wishes to implement his agenda, particularly in the form of legislation, increasingly needs to obtain DPR approval. At the same time, many see the distance the DPR still has to travel in its transformation to a fully effective legislative body.

On February 15, USINDO hosted an Open Forum on transforming Indonesia’s legislature with Djayadi Hanan to better understand Indonesia’s status in advancing democratic governance through the role of its legislative branch.

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