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"The Economic Choices Facing the Next President of Indonesia: Business as Usual – 5% Growth & Less than a Million Jobs or Tough Reforms – 10% Growth, 3 Million Jobs"


The Economic Choices Facing the Next President of Indonesia:       

Business as Usual: 5% Growth & Less than a Million Jobs 


Tough Reforms: 10% Growth, 3 Million Jobs   



Dr. Gustav Papanek

President, Boston Institute for Developing Economies Professor of Economics Emeritus, Boston University  

Wednesday, April 23   

2:30 – 4:00 p.m.  

USINDO Conference Room

1625 Massachusetts Avenue NW

Suite 550

Washington, DC 20036

Will Indonesia continue to grow at its typical steady 5% over the next five years, or implement economic reforms that could result in double digit growth and job creation?   Could a new president adopt decisive policies that result in 15 million higher productivity jobs that can grow the economy at 10%,  and help the 100 million Indonesians considered poor or near poor?

Please join us on April 23 to hear outstanding development economist Dr. Gustav Papanek, who has spent 50 years analyzing Indonesian economic growth, outline what he sees as these two alternative economic growth paths for Indonesia. Based on his recent study with his two fellow researchers, Professor Suahasil Nazara of the University of Indonesia and Dr. Raden Pardede, Dr. Papanek believes that whoever becomes Indonesia’s next president can potentially put Indonesia on either of these alternative growth paths. This fascinating event will give us a deeper understanding of the potential post-election economic outcomes for Indonesia. This event is open and free of charge.  

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Biographical Information:     

Dr. Gustav F. Papanek was on the economics faculty of Harvard University for 21 years and Boston University for 18 years.  Dr. Papanek started his work on the Indonesian economy in 1962, mostly working as adviser to Indonesian Government agencies.  He has written or edited 8 books, 48 articles, and 52 other publications.

In  60 years of work on the economics of development, Professor Papanek has headed the Harvard Advisory Group to Bappenas and the Ministry of Finance, 1970-73; the BIDE Advisory Group to Bappenas 1987-88; and to the Vice Presidents’ Office for Poverty Alleviation 2011-2013.  For the last 10 years he collaborated with Dr. M. Chatib Basri, most recently on a program to achieve Double Digit Growth and greater employment.  When Dr. Basri became Finance Minister, Papanek’s collaborators became Dr. Raden Pardede of CReco Consulting and Professor Suahasil Nazara of the University of Indonesia.  He headed advisory groups to Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, and other countries.  He also advised the Presidents of Indonesia, Liberia, Palau and the FSM, and the Prime Ministers of Pakistan and Bangladesh.