Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

Re-engaging with Indonesia: The Peace Corps

In their Joint Declaration of the new U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership, Presidents Obama and Yudhoyono said they viewed strong people-to-people relations at the “core” of the partnership, and placed great emphasis on educational exchanges.  The Peace Corps plays an essential role in the pattern of strengthened bilateral educational contacts with Indonesia.  In December 2009, Peace Corps and Indonesia re-opened the service program after 45 years.  In 2010, the Peace Corps returned to Indonesia, placing an initial 18 volunteers throughout East Java to teach English at public high schools.  The return of the Peace Corps is a significant partnership between our two countries.

Peace Corps Director Aaron Williams will give the USINDO community an inside look at the re-establishment of the Peace Corps program in Indonesia, its role in the Comprehensive Partnership, and the possibilities for the future.  Mr. Williams’ remarks will be followed by Q and A’s. Refreshments will be provided.  Please join us for this Special Event!