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The Economic, Political and Social Impacts of the Internet in the US and Indonesia

In recent years, we have witnessed the power of the internet to unite people across continents, culture, race, religion, social class and ideology.  It has facilitated cross-border friendships, powerful social and political movements, and allowed billions to access information previously out of their reach.  It is a tool that has irreversibly shifted the socio-political paradigm for communication and organization, allowing us to better understand our fellow human beings and ourselves, and giving those previously without a voice a platform to be heard.

In addition to affecting significant change in this arena, the internet also has the potential to grow economies in ways unseen before.  As a sector, the internet contributes more than agriculture or energy to economic growth and creates over 2 ½ jobs for each one that is lost to technological efficiency.  Whether East or West, in a global economy where job creation has slowed or is even in decline, the internet has become an important catalyst for job creation and economic growth.

Understanding the social, political and economic impacts of the internet on two of the world’s largest and most wired economies — Indonesia and the U.S. — is critical for public and private sector leaders to take advantage of this dynamic mechanism.

Mike Orgill will begin with a presentation on the impact of the internet on the US economy, its influence on the American political system and the changing dynamic of social interactions and movements via the internet.  He will then describe how the internet has transformed these same structures in Indonesia, and in some ways, surpassed the American experience, concluding with his views on prospects for Indonesia’s internet economy.  Please join us for this interesting discussion, followed by Q and As.

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