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Joko Widodo: A New Paradigm for Indonesian Leadership?

New Indonesian President Jokowi’s first five months in office have been a time of high hopes for a new paradigm for Indonesian governance, reform, and growth, tempered by political realities and the unanticipated developments that arise for Presidents early in their terms.  The five-month point is appropriate  to assess President Jokowi’s early progress on such issues  as the fuel subsidy reduction, and the outlook for progress on long-term issues such as his ability to raise investment, develop infrastructure, improve Indonesia’s skills for the 21st century, manage relations with the parliament and his party, and implement his program.

On February 26, 2015, USINDO hosted an Open Forum with Adam Schwarz, distinguished scholar and authority on Indonesia, who is also Co-Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer-Asia of the Asia Group, discussing President Joko Widodo’s leadership during his first four months in office.

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