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Indonesia’s Political Scene in 2011 from the Perspective of Golkar

Please join us on January 4 for this inside view of the Indonesian political landscape as seen from the perspective of Golkar’s Vice General Chairman, Theo Sambuaga.  Mr. Sambuaga’s talk will be followed by Q and A’s.

Golkar, the Indonesian political party that was the ruling party under Presidents Suharto and Habibie, is currently part of President Yudyohono’s coalition.   At the same time,  Golkar is positioning itself both for 2011, and in relation to 2014, when President Yudhoyono’s term expires.  Understanding the role and views of Golkar is essential to an understanding of contemporary Indonesian politics.

USINDO is therefore fortunate that Theo Sambuaga, Vice General Chairman of the Golkar Party, will discuss the latest developments in Golkar as they relate to the Indonesian political scene in 2011.

Golkar’s General Chairman is Aburizal Bakrie, the prominent  businessman and politician who has been Chief Economic Minister of Indonesia, Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare, and the President of the ASEAN Business Forum.  He was elected as chairman of Golkar in 2009 and is a major player in Indonesia’s political scene.