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Indonesia Toward 2014: the View from Golkar – Aburizal Bakrie

Since entering the era of democratization in 1999, Indonesia’s record has been more positive than many would have expected. The economy grew over 6 percent per year over the last five years, among the world’s high achievers. The government has decentralized significant functions. Political parties, civil society organizations, and interest groups are flourishing, representing diverse segments of Indonesia’s pluralistic society. Yet Indonesia continues to face long-term challenges such as improving health, education, and infrastructure; reducing corruption; and consolidating democratic development.

Attention is increasingly focusing toward 2014, when Indonesia conducts elections for a new president.  The run-up period to the elections is already under way, and there is heightened interest by Indonesians, as well as by Americans who follow Indonesia, in the contending parties and their positions.

On December 7, USINDO is pleased to welcome Golkar Chairman Aburizal Bakrie at a Special Open Forum at the Cosmos Club.   Golkar, the oldest political party in Indonesia, played the leading role under Suharto’s New Order for more than three decades, and has been headed by Mr. Bakrie since 2009.  Mr. Bakrie is widely viewed as the leading candidate from Golkar to run in the 2014 presidential election.

Mr. Bakrie will present Golkar’s views on Indonesia’s political and economic prospects and challenges, how Golkar sees its role in achieving democratic consolidation and economic development, and the nature of the political coalition supporting the next government.  His talk will be preceded by a short lunch (12:00-12:45), and followed by Q and A’s.

Registration for this event is over capacity. For those that RSVP’d before Novermber 29th, confirmation of your RSVP is required for admission.  USINDO will send out confirmation emails no later than December 2nd. For questions, call Marianne Baesa at 202-232-1400.