Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

Expanding and Strengthening the United States – Indonesia Security Partnership: The Military Education Component


Prof. Dr. Juwono Sudarsono
Professor of International Relations, University of Indonesia
Former Defense Minister (1999-2000; 2004-2009)
Adviser, The US – Indonesia Society


Dr. Michael S. Malley
Professor at the Center for Contemporary Conflict and Dept. of National Security Affairs, U.S.Naval Post-Graduate School

Prof. Dr. Sri Hartati Suradijono

Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Defense University

Dr. Edy Prasetyono

Vice Dean for the Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia

Following the launch of the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement (CPA) in 2010, the overall security relations and partnership between the two countries has improved significantly. Not only has there been a steady rise in various high-level visits by defense officials and security cooperation initiatives, but the further signing of the defense cooperation agreement and the recent decision by the Obama administration to gradually resume ties with the Indonesian Army Special Forces Command (Kopassus) further signifies the growing strategic partnership between Jakarta and Washington under the CPA framework. The recent focus by the Obama administration to increase its profile and engagement with the broader Asia-Pacific region-the so-called ‘Pivot Policy’-further opens numerous opportunities to elevate the bilateral security relationship to higher grounds.

One in particular deserves further attention in this regard: professional military education. As part of the overall CPA, this issue forms a centerpiece of bilateral security relations where both Indonesia and the United States could find common ground and interest.

With the expansion of the International Military and Education Training (IMET) Programs to bring in more Indonesian military officers in a wider range of programs, strengthening this educational relationship could deepen the dialogue between the two militaries and support the further professionalization and institutional development of the TNI, while opening the possibility for the two militaries to work together in a future regional crisis.

USINDO presents four distinguished speakers to discuss the current state of the U.S.-Indonesia security partnership and assess the various policy options to expand and strengthen it. The speakers will also highlight the key opportunities and challenges of the relationship in the years ahead. Please join us for this informative event.

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