Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

Emerging Indonesia: Development & Democracy in Southeast Asia's Largest Middle Income Country

Indonesia has made remarkable progress since the 1998 economic and political crises. It is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, with a vibrant democracy and an impressive track record in reducing poverty. Indonesia has weathered the more recent global financial crisis relatively unscathed and is enjoying increasing investor confidence and the benefits of recent movements in commodity prices. As a member of the G-20 and as the 2011 Chair of ASEAN, Indonesia has assumed an increasingly important role regionally and globally. Major challenges remain, in sustaining growth, strengthening poverty reduction and addressing environmental sustainability. This panel discussion will explore Indonesia’s progress and challenges in reaching its potential and the importance of building the capacity of its institutions in creating employment opportunities and upgrading skills, improving public services and infrastructure, and strengthening governance.

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