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Education as an Instrument for Structural Change in Indonesia

Please join us for a USINDO Open Forum on March 15 with Dr. Anies Baswedan. Dr. Baswedan will discuss current progress and challenges in Indonesia’s education, the approach to education as a movement, and what needs to take place to redefine Indonesia’s education system so that it can enable Indonesia’s structural transformation.

In the past decade, Indonesia has undergone not only economic and political transformation, but also a fundamental demographic shift. As the working age population increases relative to the rest of the population, Indonesia currently transitions into a period of high “demographic dividend”. This creates a window of development opportunity. Better quality education now is the key driver for effective and widespread structural change to occur.

Despite significant increases in education spending, challenges persist with access to education, quality of education, and better governance in the education sector. Education infrastructure and resources are relatively still concentrated in Java. The percentage of school graduates who are not able to pursue further studies, particularly at higher education institutions, is still significantly large. Only a small fraction of teachers is both qualified and certified. As government efforts alone cannot address all of these issues, what is the role of other stakeholders, including the civil society and the private sectors, in advancing the education sector in Indonesia?

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