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A Little Sugar to Help Lure Foreign Investors

Jakarta Globe. Indonesia’s need for investment to rebuild its industrial sector is a given fact. It is well-known that over the past decade, the country has suffered from a process of deindustrialization as manufacturing has migrated to other countries with friendlier business climates. The governments of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam offer investors a multitude of…

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Desi Anwar: Good Luck, Dino!

Jakarta Globe. I attended Dino Patti Djalal’s farewell gathering this past week. He and his lovely wife, Rosa, are soon off to Washington, DC, where Dino will serve as Indonesia’s ambassador to the United States, and I can’t contain my sense of pride that we have him to represent us in the world’s most powerful…

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Bilingual education dilemma

The boom of so-called “national plus” schools in the country, which sell bilingual education programs, raises serious pedagogical and cultural concerns.

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Expecting more blackouts

As the country faces a severe power shortage, many customers of state-owned electricity firm PT PLN, especially outside Java, have been long familiar with frequent blackouts and have prepared to faread more

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Letter: Rabbani Sufi Institute apologizes

We are from the Rabbani Sufi Institute of Indonesia, which engages in social work to support and shelter street children and orphans, to foster and care for them and provide a clean environment awaread more

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