Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994

From Reformasi to Institutional Transformation: A Strategic Assessment of Indonesia’s Prospects for Growth, Equity and Democratic Governance

Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program

The Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program was inaugurated in January
2010. The first activity of the new program was to carry out a strategic assessment of
Indonesia’s prospects for economic growth and democratic governance. Inspired by a
similar exercise carried out in Vietnam in 2008 by the HKS Vietnam Program, the
objective of the strategic assessment was to stimulate critical discussion of the
country’s development challenges. The research was not intended as a comprehensive
review of the country’s political economy, nor did the team attempt to formulate an
alternative reform strategy. Instead, the assessment was viewed as an opportunity to
reflect on the gains achieved during the first decade of democratic government and to
identify remaining obstacles to social, economic and political progress. This paper
reports the findings of the assessment.

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